Case for Humidity sensor circuit Sergio Lanna

In my bathroom, when my children take a shower, an equatorial climate cloud forms, so I had to install an extractor that activates when the humidity in the room exceeds a certain level.

The humidity sensor circuit was purchased on Aliexpress for a few euros.

The power supply (stabilized) to power the sensor circuit I bought it on Amazon for about 7 euros.

To contain both circuits I made this container

In addition to the circuits you will have to use 7 very small parker screws to fix the circuits in the box, 4 more parker screws a little larger to fix the two strain reliefs (to be printed in 3d) always in the box and 6 more to close the box cover.

You will also need to purchase two rubber cable glands with a 4mm through hole and a 9mm (box hole) section

Unmount the power supply and take the circuit inside.

I put a socket for the 220Vac input and a 12Vdc output connector to be applied to the sensor, but you can also weld these wires on the circuit, fix the circuits, put the rubber cable glands and the cables inside then fix cable and after close cover and fix with screw.

The box has a hole to see the power supply LED (blue) and two other holes to see the two red and green LEDs of the sensor, one for the power supply (red) and the other one for the activation of the relay (green)

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