Baby Turtle Ship Keychain Accessory GabrielYun

The design presented here is an reinterpretation of Turtle Ship to be used as keychain accessory. (Please see below for more information about Turtle Ship.)
A little screw hole (1.0 mm diameter) is added underneath the throat.
Metal parts are not included. :O)

Have fun!

  • Size: 64 x 39 x 26 mm
  • Material: PLA, Nylon plastic, TPU, ABS
  • Layer height 0.2 mm, Wall thickness 1.2 mm, Infill 20%, Support needed (from 45 degrees), Raft / brim not needed
  • File: Baby_Turtle_Ship_Var1.stl

About Turtle Ship (Geobukseon)...

Turtle ship is the world’s first armored ship. At the end of sixteenth century, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin of Chosun Dynasty in Korean peninsular defeated invading Japanese naval ships using turtle ships as front-line penetrators. The characteristics of turtle ship include iron cover on the roof to protect from enemy firearms, sharp iron spikes on top of the iron cover to discourage enemy’s boarding, heavy cannons in position to attack enemy vessels around, and most importantly, a dragon head emitting smoke and fire.
No exact design drawings nor construction details survive to this day, but some drawings like the one made in 1795 show us the overall shapes and types of turtle ships. Reconstruction models are on exhibition at The War Memorial of Korea located in Seoul, Korea, and also in the city of Tongyeong.

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