Life Alert Case for Ankle Dr. Daniel Kester

I have Life Alert - it's awesome. I have a bad history of heart attacks in my family but I don't exactly want everyone to know by wearing the necklace or arm bracelet that comes with the system, besides they are not very stylish! I prefer to wear it discreetly so I created a case that would hold the Life Alert Module. I was going design a band as well out of Ninja flex (I still might) but I looked everywhere and discovered that a small, padded(my ankle is 10" circumference) dog collar that I purchased at Petsmart just for this project. It fits really well and i can't even tell it's on. It can be worn in the shower or just about anywhere and can be very quickly removed with buckle. so I decided not to reinvent the obvious. The module is held onto the ankle bracelet by two small plastic wire ties.I hope this helps someone.

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