Giant Pretzel Necklace Thomas

Pretzel necklace for Brewfest, or really anything you want, it doesn't even have to be used as a necklace, you can use it as a decoration or whatever.
Please keep in mind you may need to make some modifications to the pretzel to allow it to connect to a lanyard. I had to use a saw and cut off the hanger
end and drill a new hole, but the built-in "hanger end" has built in holes, so you may not need to do this.
I had to change filaments at a point during the print, that is why the top is white and the rest is gray.

I rotated this so the back of the pretzel (the blank side) was facing down on my print bed

Like I said previously you may need to modify it slightly to fit your lanyard or necklace. I chose to cut off the "hanger end" and drill another hole,
but you can feel free to modify to fit your needs.

I used Fusion 360, a stock image of a pretzel.
I traced the image with the arc and line tools then I extruded it up, while filleting each edge of every section.

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