Arduino Alarm Clock Project Christopher

Snap Together Case for an Arduino Uno Alarm Clock with date and temperature display. 

Parts List (Required)
All electrical components used can be found in an Elegoo "Most Complete Starter Kit" Arduino Uno
LCD 1602 Module
DS3231 RTC
Active Buzzer
Potentiometer (10K)
Dupoint Wires
3D Printed Parts (4) 

Parts (optional) Thermistor - The DS3231 has a built in temperature reading device, but it is used more as an internal temperature reading and takes about a minute to update when temp changes. 

Included with files. 

To fellow Americans...
The Date displays dd/mm/yyyy 

Can be displayed in Celcius by removing conversion in code. 

Soon to come..
Replacement knob for Potentiometer.

In order to build and code the alarm aspect of this clock I used some of the steps included in this "Maker Pro" tutorial by Ali Hamza.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Back.stl 2 KB
Button.stl 82 KB
TopScrewless.stl 200 KB
BottomScrewless.stl 33 KB
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