Microphone Wall Stand Diego Miguel Picazo

This is the second version of the microphone stand.
(First version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3087036)
I have upgraded it because after some use I have seen some issues I could solve.
First of all, the arm not will not fall down due to his weight, it will instead stay in place.
Secondly, I have upgraded the base so now it attach better to the wall plate.

 - 3 M5 screws to hold GoPro style parts together.
 - 4 M4 screws, 2 to hold the microphone shafts and another 2 to hold the base to the moving base.
 - 4 Screws to hold the base to a surface.
 - 3 M5 Nuts to tighten the GoPro style pieces.
- 2 M4 safety nuts to hold the bases.
- 2 normal M4 nuts To hold the microphone shafts.
- Square rods of 10x10mm of the length that you need.

You will NEED to PRINT:
 - 2x 3_patas_plano.stl
 - 1x 2_patas_codo.stl
 - 1x 2_patas_plano.stl
 - 1x Pared.stl
 - 1x Base.stl
 - 1x Soporte_mic.stl
 - 1x Eje_mic_1.stl
 - 1x Eje_mic_2.stl

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