Honda Civic SI Hood Release Aleks Bozovic

My hood release handle broke years ago and I've been using a pair of vice grips to open it. The trick is, the shaft is very well glued or threaded to the metal rod that it is attached to, so when the handle breaks the shaft is left in place. Luckily, when you pull it back, there is a bit of rod exposed before the plate that it rests against, so I was able to sneak in this handle around it.It's designed to install without removing the trim, so conceivable the head can be as big as you want, or whatever shape you want. You install it by aligning it with the rod/shaft from the bottom, clipping it on and turning it so the meat of the handle is below (which is opposite of the direction you pull. You can also use a zip-tie (I have lots that came with the Anet printer) and if you drape the zip tie around the part when you install it, you can reach it from above (see in the photo where the bit of zip tie sticks out above) and tighten it.I'm not a good photographer... If I make better pictures, I will post them. Plus it's an old car, difficult to make it look pristine.My first draft broke, since the walls were thin, but this one looks OK. PLA because I print indoors and don't want to stink up the place. Orange because why not.

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