Horizontal wall stand for Beper VE.300B tower fan stv-is-it

Wall stand for horizontal mounting of Beper VE.300B tower fan (available on amazon).
Perfect solution for air circulation.
Even in winter, to "mix" hot air at the top.
The particular shape allows to use also the rotation function.

VIDEO (https://youtu.be/iJ1FFJkhqZ4)

Supports available for mounting the fan in both directions ("motor on the right and controls on the left" or vice versa).

Beper VE.300B tower fan on amazon

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Command_Side_Closing.stl 444 KB
Command_Side_L.stl 962 KB
Command_Side_R.stl 962 KB
Motor_Side_L.stl 1016 KB
Motor_Side_R.stl 1016 KB
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Horizontal wall stand for Beper VE.300B tower fan is nice prodcut. Paráfrasis - Descubra cómo parafrasear de forma eficaz
sorry, send me the files (for 3D printer) or directly the printed product ??
Hi, Not all printers use the same type of file, but all process STL files with the slicing software provided.
The most important thing is to correctly position the 3D piece in the slicing software for the best creation.
In this case, it is easy because you just have to position the largest smooth surface downwards. Best regards.
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