Missiles Launcher Pen holder 3D printlines

New idea of a desktop pen & Pencil holder as missiles launcher 3D model for your office or desktop
4 parts 
1. Launcher_ part1 ( partitioned )2. Launcher_ part1 ( Unpartitioned )3. Vehicle_part24. Turntable_part3

Files format : STL

you may print the 3 parts together at the same time or as individual parts.
In case you need to change the scale of the model , change the scale percent for each part or use the grouped stl file. 
The final model dimensions as folded  X: 153.79 mm , Y: 64.79 mm , Z: 59.90 mm. 

Please leave your comment / need for further improvement 

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Uploaded 02/3/2019
Pen holder_launcher_part1_partitioned.stl 180 KB
Pen holder_launcher_part1_unpartitioned.stl 179 KB
Pen holder_vehicle_part2.stl 2 MB
Pen holder_grouped.stl 2 MB
Pen holder_turntable_part3_M.stl 230 KB
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