Vase 9 3DLadnik

This sculptural vase is designed to create an accent of the interior and to create a composition of flowers.A smooth surface with smooth bends is simply polished during post-processing and provides a beautiful game of highlights and shadows. A tracery of concentric grooves, similar to water waves, streams across the surface.. This vase looks good both in monochrome and in two-tone color.A minimum wall thickness of 2.5 mm ensures waterproofness.
The model is in three sizes:Vase9-160.STL 160 mm high,Vase9-200.STL 200 mm high,Vase9-240.STL 240 mm high.
If necessary, I can change the size of the vase and the wall thickness.
This sculpted vase is designed for hassle-free printing without supports with maximum productivity.To increase the adhesion strength of the model to the working platform, Vase9-xx.stl models of all sizes have added fixtures that must be used in conjunction with the Skirt function (Vase9-xx-0.stl models without additional fixtures).It was printed on a FDM printer with a nozzle of 0.5 mm, a layer height of 0.2 mm from ABS plastic.
Plastic Consumption:Vase 9 160 mm high - 160 gramsVase 9 200 mm high - 260 gramsVase 9, height 240 mm - 390 grams
Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate.Coloring: acrylic enamels, brush painting.
Note:This model is designed for printing in normal mode (NOT "Vase" mode). A Vase9-160-Vmode.STL files has been added for printing in "Vase" mode.

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Uploaded 08/21/2019

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Vase9-160.STL 14 MB
Vase9-160-0.STL 14 MB
Vase9-160-Vmode.STL 12 MB
Vase9-200.STL 14 MB
Vase9-200-0.STL 14 MB
Vase9-240.STL 14 MB
Vase9-240-0.STL 14 MB
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