Container Box 2M/3M for DIN bar 35mm stv-is-it

Ideal for storing important information about the electrical system.

Normally filaments are insulating but I recommend to use fireproof material (PCABS)

HERE ARE OTHER PROJECTS FOR ELECTRIC WORLD (Container for DIN bar) (Mini relay box) (Gewiss box Extender) (AC-BOX multifunction) (Sliding anchor clip) (Cover for distribution boards) (Wireless control motorized projector screen) (EU controlled timed output) (EU Mains Plug Relay 2x NC/NO)

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Uploaded 12/7/2019
box-2M.stl 326 KB
rear-2M.stl 43 KB
box-3M.stl 332 KB
rear-3M.stl 43 KB
lock.stl 17 KB
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