Windshield Wiper Gear Richard Linderman

Had a broken gear in the wiper gear box for a 1996 Nissan 300ZX not allowing the windshield wipers to operate consistently. Used the Gear Generator For Customizer V2.0, then modified it to match the broken one. Fit is a bit tight, but works well.

Printed @ .2 layer height, 3 shells, and 100% infill (for strength), with support. Seems to be pretty common gear setup on most wiper boxes so may work with other cars/trucks as well. Included the blank gear from the generator as well just in case it's close to what you need so that it can be modified accordingly.

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Thanks! I was surprised and stoked when it worked myself =)
You fixed your car problem with 3D print...ok we're officially jealous!
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