Universal organizer FreeRifleman

Universal organizer
Dimensions  110х82х40 mm.
The thickness of the outer walls - 4 mm., thickness of walls - 3 mm.
Place the partitions in the organizer as you like.
This is the first version of the organiser, will be added later organizer with cover and box where they can be put.
I recommend printing with 100% filling, do not skimp plastic

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Uploaded 07/27/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Partition 1.stl 4 KB
Partition 2.stl 7 KB
Partition 3.stl 10 KB
Partition 4.stl 13 KB
Partition 5.stl 16 KB
Partition 6.stl 19 KB
Partition 7.stl 23 KB
Universal organizer.stl 157 KB
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Intelligent design on this.
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