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File: Tantalus Cup.stl
Name: Tantalus CupPLA Material: 47.71 grams (0.105lbs)Infill = 10%
Size: 50.8 mm (2") x 50.8 mm (2") x 88.9 mm (3.5")
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 427 layers
Rafts: Yes
Supports: No
Print Time: 6 hr 18 min
Function: A Tantalus cup (also known as a Pythagoras cup, Greedy Cup, or Cup of Justice) is a practical joke device in a form of a drinking cup. When it is filled beyond a certain point, a siphoning effect causes the cup to drain its entire contents through the base.
You should be careful putting hot liquids into PLA - perfect for alcoholics around the office.  For best results, spray this
with FDA approved silicone to seal it.  It can be printed at any scale but if you print is 1:1 then it will be about 2.00" (50.8mm) around
and about 3.5" (88.9mm) tall.

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Uploaded 06/23/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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