Toyboat - Foldboat - Boat MWZflyer

Everybody know this kind of boat. Normaly you fold it from paper but now you can print this ;-)
I have two versions V1 and V2. The second version is more realistic.
Both of this boats have a flat surface and are easy to print for everyone.
Both versions are uploaded in 3 sizes:
- 50 mm * 25 mm (1,97 inch * 0,98 inch)
- 100 mm * 50 mm (3,94 inch * 1,97 inch)
- 200 mm * 100 mm (7,87 inch * 3,94 inch)
And yes it swims :)

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Uploaded 07/28/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

50x25-boat.stl 10 KB
50x25-boat-V2.stl 10 KB
100x50-boat.stl 9 KB
100x50-boat-V2.stl 9 KB
200x100-boat.stl 9 KB
200x100-boat-V2.stl 9 KB
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Wonderful 3D interp of the paper-type!
Looks like fun for bath-time . . .
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