HPI Savage XL FLUX Bodyshell mount parts Alexandridk

You can print, assemble it using screws M4, material and processing at your discretion.
In my view, the horizontal plate is made of metal, you can change it or increase thickness and also print.

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Uploaded 09/16/2020
Bodyshell_mount_long_pilon.STL 206 KB
Bodyshell_mount_plate.STL 98 KB
Bodyshell_mount_short_pilon.STL 135 KB
Bodyshell_velcro_mount.STL 308 KB
HPI_Savage_XL_FLUX_Bodyshell_mount_parts.rar.txt 940 KB
HPI_Savage_XL_FLUX_Bodyshell_mount_parts.zip.txt 209 KB
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Hey, this game was extremely well-made, but I'm not sure where the hacks are. doodle jump
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