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Luxury, glamor and an abundance of charm and character. This luminous sculpture, which glorifies the female figure in the rays of flattering light, is made in the Art Deco style - the famous 1920s style of fine art, architecture and design. Inspired by the Art Deco era, the magnificent table lamp is perfect for any lover of elegance and has the charm of a work of art with its own history and interpretation.
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The girl’s figurine is available in four versions: unfolded to the right or left, dressed or naked.

  • Height 227 mm
  • Width 139 mm
  • Depth 83 mm

If necessary, I will be happy to make this lamp of a different size and for other electrical fittings
Plastic consumption (including support):

  • Figurine - 84 grams
  • Lamp Shade - 35 grams
  • Lamp Holder Housing and Platform - 60 grams

In addition to the printed parts, for the assembly of Art Deco Lamp 1 you will need:

  1. M4x16 countersunk flat head - 2 piecesPins O1 ... 1.5x10 - 2 pieces
  2. Curved pin in accordance with the sketch - 1 piece
  3. Electric cable with switch and plug - 1 piece
  4. E14 Plastic Lamp Holder - 1 piece
  5. E14 LED Lamp - 1 piece

Art Deco Lamp 1 was printed on a Lad-1.0 FDM printer with a 0.4 mm nozzle, a layer height of 0.1 mm when printing the figurines and 0.15 mm when printing the Lamp Holder Housing and Platform.
Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate.
Coloring: acrylic enamels and polyurethane varnish. It was painted with a brush.
ADL1-LampShadeSup.stl file with built-in support without including support in the slicer.ADL1-PlatformSup.stl file with reinforced attachments to the working platform.

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Uploaded 10/19/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

ADL1-FDL.stl 27 MB
ADL1-FDR.stl 27 MB
ADL1-FNL.stl 29 MB
ADL1-FNR.stl 29 MB
ADL1-FootL.stl 95 KB
ADL1-FootR.stl 213 KB
ADL1-Frame.stl 2 KB
ADL1-LampHolderHousing.stl 4 MB
ADL1-LampShade.stl 3 MB
ADL1-LampShadeSup.stl 3 MB
ADL1-Nut.stl 3 MB
ADL1-Platform.stl 130 KB
ADL1-PlatformSup.stl 134 KB
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