HPI Savage XL FLUX Frame (Long WheelBase) Alexandridk

1:8 scale!
That my insane view of TVP for HPI Savage, Yes that fully titanium TVP! Absolutely strong, middleweight, unique design!
You can mount two servos outside the frame or one servo inside the frame (i didn't). Yes you can use any big scale servo 1:5 (ajustable servo placement) and can use standart 1:8 servo with adapter!
The Motor and battery location inside the frame, that protect it from damage, and no more broken battery boxes and mounts!
Central-Differential - you can't install gearbox anymore, but you can try (it's compatible), my design compatible with most popular ALZA Central diff mount (any front or rear side motor mount) use same shafts (dogbone).
Buggy roof design - you can use it without bodyshell if you want, IT'S DETACHABLE, no more agony of choice! And you can use it as fast battery mount (like me) Use "Index PIN M6-4 Stainless Steel" for it.
You can install 1:5 ESC like HobbyWing, two places on special ESC board over motor in front part of TVP or on the buggy roof (upside down - my choice)
My Setup:
Motor: Tenshock X802L
ESC: HobbyWing 1:5 200A(REAL! not like Castle Creation fake 250a) and over Recomended!
BEC: Castle 20A (use old version) 2 pcs, 12v on the lights and 7.4-8v for Servo
Servo: XQ-S5650D 12v; 60.0kg/cm; 3.5A; 0.18 sec
Battery: HRB 50-100C 7S (maximum for TVP width 74mm)
Bevel Gears: HSF299X - Recomended!
Steel differential satellites (black one) if you can find it!
Pinion: Robinson Racing - 11T-12T MOD1 (my is 11T) - Best!
Spur gear: Team Associated - 50T-52T (my is 50T) - Best! Plastic (low noice) or Steel does not matter!
Cups and Axles - self production, look my different design
Dogbones - original flux is best!
Use this design with my other things like "HPI Savage all braces" -https://www.thingiverse.com/alexandridk/collections/hpi-savage-xl-flux-my-draws


Just rename *.zip.txt to *.zip

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Uploaded 10/19/2020
Battery plate.STL 436 KB
Buggy roof side mount.STL 106 KB
Buggy roof side.STL 166 KB
Buggy roof top.STL 242 KB
ESC Plate Lite.STL 222 KB
ESC Plate.STL 274 KB
Servo Alngle Holder.STL 39 KB
Servo-Servo-saver Plate.STL 290 KB
Spur defense plate.STL 251 KB
Standart servo adapter.STL 147 KB
Velcro holder battery plate.STL 36 KB
Velcro holder center.STL 30 KB
Velcro holder.STL 28 KB
HPI Savage XL FLUX WheelBase 2D.zip.txt 101 KB
HPI Savage XL FLUX WheelBase.zip.txt 952 KB
HPI_Savage_XL_FLUX_WheelBase_S2M.rar.txt 4 MB
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