Virtual Nose for Glasses TheRoar

This is a virtual nose that you can screw to a will so you have a place to hang your glasses when they are not in use. I created it in sketchup and then merge the 3 files in makerware. I find that when I send them as one stl file the print does not come out as well. I used 3 of the pin pieces as my own custom raft. You can experiment with fewer if you wish. I use a replicator 2 for my printing needs.

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Uploaded 07/29/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

new nose for glasses4 nose.stl 83 KB
new nose for glasses4 pin.stl 21 KB
new nose for glasses4 inside.stl 39 KB
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Great way to keep track of glasses!
My sentiments exactly. It was definitely built for a reason. =)
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