Simracing FFB Base Steering Wheel Diego Miguel Picazo


This is a ForceFeedback steering wheel fully designed by me. It is fully compatible with driving games (Assetto Corsa, iracing, Projects Cars, Euro Truck Simulator 2, etc).


You will find two PDF files with the baseplates blueprints called "Parte 1 - Parte 2". You should print them and carefully measure that the 50mm calibration line is correct. For aligning the two parts, there are 3 thick lines in the middle.
You should use this blueprints for cutting a 10mm DM wood that will be used for the front and backplate.
Feel totally free to customize it with some paint or some vinyl.

The base does not have any mounting system. This is because each user will need a different type. I have for example cut some square holes on the wood plates so I can hold the base with some clamps.

The base use an Arduino Leonardo to receive and control the information from sensors. 

For steering, it is used a 600ppr encoder to have a precise high-resolution turn.

A high torque motor is used for the ForceFeedback. The files for this are not ready for public yet, but they will be uploaded for free soon. Altough, I could test it out and I could say that the feeling it gives is amazing.

The base counts with a Quick Release system for rings, so that way you could attach a F1 style wheel or a normal wheel. The steering wheel ring is hold with 6 5M screws, and the adapter has 6 5mm holes in a 70mm diameter circunferece, making it fully compatible with real Quick Release systems.


In this google sheet, you will find the materials needed to build this.

Arduino Connections:

Feel free to join my Discord (link on my Youtube channel) to ask me any question! Or you could also leave a comment for questions.

I am also going to upload the H-Shifter and the pedals in a future, but first I need to do some modifications.

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Uploaded 12/30/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

caja_rotula.stl 1 MB
tapa_rotula.stl 114 KB
rod_secundario.stl 498 KB
tapa_rod_secundario.stl 387 KB
soporte_motor.stl 657 KB
adaptador_encoder_600.stl 271 KB
soporte_encoder_600.stl 779 KB
Nucleo.stl 861 KB
nucleo_tapa_rod.stl 100 KB
frente_rod.stl 1 MB
frente_rod_tapa.stl 1 MB
embellecedor_pinza.stl 28 KB
Tapon M8.stl 457 KB
Quick_release_aro.stl 1 MB
Quick_release_base.stl 339 KB
leva_drch.stl 112 KB
leva_izq.stl 108 KB
quick_release_aro_levas.stl 1 MB
soporte_leva_drch.stl 97 KB
soporte_leva_izq.stl 97 KB
Parte 1.pdf 49 KB
Parte 2.pdf 21 KB
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