Chuck Wagon Jake

Americas First Food Truck
Some herders and cattlemen would be out on a long drive for months at a time.  The Chuck Wagon was as important to the drive's success as a good pair of cowboy boots were to the cowboy.  These long drives were often 1000 miles in length and could last as long as 5 months.
For a brief history check out my blog post

Perfect fit axle on the mainframe for tire rotation.Bracket supports for top and bottom box adds a nice detail to the design

1. Insert the axle into the main body
2. Add glue (hot glue/super glue) to the inside of the axle hub and assemble on the axle
3. Attach the Seat to the main body at the seat supports.     The seat fits nicely on the supports, add glue if you want it more sturdy
4. Add glue to the bottom bracket for canvas support.   Insert the Covering Supports in the brackets on each side respectively.  
5. Cut a small white cloth and drape over, tacking it to the main body with hot glue/superglue

3D print
Print the main body with supports 

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Axle (1).stl 80 KB
Axle Hub.stl 792 KB
Back Wheel.stl 268 KB
Front Wheel.stl 253 KB
seat support.stl 684
Seat.stl 14 KB
Storage box.stl 194 KB
Supports.stl 33 KB
Wagon Body.stl 1 MB
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