Beam Engine Jake

What is a Beam Engine and How does it Work?

A beam engine is a type of steam engine where a pivoted overhead beam is used to apply the force from a vertical pistonto a vertical connecting rod.

Beam engines were first used to pump water out of mines or into canals, but could be used to pump water to supplement the flow for a waterwheel powering a mill.

Check out my blog post for assembly instructions and a brief history of beam engines

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Base and components.stl 2 MB
Cylinder Pin.stl 81 KB
Drive Wheel Arm.stl 42 KB
Drive Wheel.stl 105 KB
Handle.stl 47 KB
Left Pin Top.stl 575 KB
Piston Arm.stl 44 KB
Piston pin.stl 81 KB
Piston.stl 786 KB
Rocker Arm Pin Cover.stl 458 KB
Rocker Arm Pin.stl 77 KB
Rocker.stl 87 KB
Wheel pin cover.stl 610 KB
Wheel Pin.stl 81 KB
Wheel shaft pin cover.stl 610 KB
Wheel Shaft Pin.stl 346 KB
Wheel Shaft.stl 346 KB
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