Hybrid Spur Gear MOD1 Universal 46T - 64T 1:8 Scale RC Car Alexandridk

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Uploaded 03/16/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Spur_Gear_Universal_46_t.STL 233 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_47_t.STL 236 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_48_t.STL 239 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_49_t.STL 242 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_50_t.STL 245 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_51_t.STL 248 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_52_t.STL 252 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_53_t.STL 265 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_54_t.STL 269 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_55_t.STL 273 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_56_t.STL 288 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_57_t.STL 291 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_58_t.STL 295 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_59_t.STL 299 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_60_t.STL 302 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_61_t.STL 306 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_62_t.STL 310 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_63_t.STL 314 KB
Spur_Gear_Universal_64_t.STL 318 KB
Spur Gear Universal Cover.STL 147 KB
Spur Gear Universal Cover.STEP.txt 3 MB
Spur Gear Universal 5x t S2m.rar.txt 2 MB
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