Money bag usd Skazok

Print ready bag of money.

Measure units are millimeters, it is about 2 cm in width.

Mesh is manifold, no holes, no inverted faces, no bad contiguous edges.

Here is four version of the model:

One with concave dollar sign and another with the sticking out sign.
For both of the versions there are hollow and solid sub version.

Files contain the circle and bail as separate objects, but there is additional  files that contains only the bag itself.

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Uploaded 03/30/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

MBag_SO.stl 9 MB
MBag_SO_H.stl 10 MB
MBag_CC.stl 10 MB
MBag_CC_H.stl 11 MB
MB_SO.stl 5 MB
MB_SO_H.stl 6 MB
MB_CC.stl 7 MB
MB_CC_H.stl 7 MB
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