Toothpaste squeeze Gaido

The pictures object show out two colors, if you want to print in the same way. You have to stop the printer at the
60 %, then change 3d printing filament spool or coil and resume, but i think that it's also good if you choose to use only one color. 

I printed this item using software Cura by follow parameters:

Layer heigh --> 0.3

Wall thikness:  --> 0.6
Wall line count --> 3
Top/bottom Thickness --> 0.8
Top Thickness --> 0.8
Top layers --> 3
Bottom Thickness --> 0.8
Bottom layers --> 3
Horizontal Expansion --> 0

Infill density --> 20%
Infill Pattern --> Grid

Enable retraction --> Yes

Print speed --> 70 [mm/s]

Z hope when retracted --> Yes

Enable print cooling --> Disable
Fan speed --> 0

Generate support --> Enable
Support placement --> all position
Support overhang angle --> 36°

Build plate adhesion
Build plate adhesion type--> Raft

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Uploaded 04/10/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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