Align Trex 470 landing skate massimiliano conti

printing parameters: padding 90 - 100 media only relative to the printing platform The file positioned as it was originally is the best printing position. to mount the skid simply insert the landing tube on the smaller arch then insert the large arch, on each side. Pay attention to the insert on the arch, it must be inserted with the part protruding on the landing tube landing pad. excellent project to independently create low-cost spare parts. the ideal material is hard tpu. however, you can also use low-shrink abs.

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pattino trex 470 part 1.stl 113 KB
pattino trex 470 part 2.stl 107 KB
pattino trex 470 part 3.stl 366 KB
pattino trex 470 part 4stl.stl 368 KB
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