PPSH41 Shpagin - Fake barrel & fake bolt ***Perfect for display, Non functional model *** 3dPrintedStuff

PPSH41 Shpagin - Fake barrel & fake bolt ***
Perfect for display, Non functional model ***

Small changes to support instalation.
Firing pin oversized for function restriction. 
It is suggested to print firing pin,extractor and barrelchamber out of softer material (like TPU) to prevent brakeing upon impact.
***Additional parts needed: Iron tube od-16mm Id-14mm 220mm Long (16x1x220mm)  For nice optic apply chemical bluing or black spraypaint.2mmX40mm Nail as retention of safety slider on bolt handle (adds additional strenght).Superglue for gluing firing pin extractor,bolt handle, chamber and barrel tip.
All parts print ready with brim and support.
Long pins and barrel best to print horizontal.

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Uploaded 06/11/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

barreltip.stl 239 KB
Bolt.stl 474 KB
Bolthandle.stl 163 KB
BoltLock.stl 298 KB
Chamber.stl 976 KB
Extraktor.stl 24 KB
7.62Tokarev.stl 776 KB
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