Reminder: Do not acquire if you don’t have the PERSEVERANCE to make it and be patient to assemble and create. You always have the option to buy a standard manufactured one. 
Generic HiCapa adapter to convert your standard magazine to an HPA tap powered with M4 magazine.  This allow HiCapa users to have more BB's than a standard magazine, Making this model since very few modifications and actual adapter sell in our country.  For those who love to make things work, please do share your creations. Thank you and God Bless ^_^

1. Print the files and prepare them for assembly, you can try fitting them together so you have the idea of the details.
2. The BB Tube single stack is design to be longer so you can print as many as you can and cut them later to your desired length (Recommend filament for tubing: ABS or PLA+Carbon Filament)
3. Assemble the lower adapter and magazine catch Release lever.  Insert the needle to hold them in place, put the m4 mag catch release spring at the back of the lever pushing to the front face of the lower assembly.  Secure the needle down and cut the excess.
4. Start assembling your upper adapter start with your air hose that will directly insert to the hole of the main adapter, secure it with epoxy and let it cure.
5. Disassemble your HiCapa Magazine, ensure you still have all the parts including the gasket and magazine screws
6. Insert the BB Tube single stack to the magazine, and cut the excess.
7. Put Silicone all around the base of the print before inserting the magazine, use the original screw of your adapter to hold the magazine and upper assembly in place (Just secure everything with epoxy to make it secure and airtight. Just let is cure)
Cure! Cure! Cure! - "Good things happens to those who Wait"
8. Assemble the HPA connectors and insert the male adapter to the air hose
9. Finally, assemble the upper and lower portion of the adapter using the m3 screw and nuts.

Recommended for post processing so it can look like standard manufactured adapter. ^_^
The rest... Enjoy using your HiCapa Magazine, HPA Tapped with M4 BB firepower ^_^ 

Quote: “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else” - John Burroughs

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Adapter Lever.stl 41 KB
HPA-HiCapa Lower.stl 146 KB
HPA-HiCapa-Upper.stl 342 KB
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