Guitar Pick Pen Attachment Thomas Wenning

This is an attachment for any pen/pencil 7.5mm-14mm in diameter (the device itself is 30mm tall). Its purpose is to strengthen your guitar picking skills while writing at the same time, or use it to just have fun!

After printing, you connect the two halves with a rubber band on each side. They fit into the slots seen in the photo. You can use any rubber band, but you may need to double loop it or more to make it stronger. Then, insert you pen to a desired height, as the tension from the rubber bands will keep the device in position.

As shown in the pictures, the print settings are:

0.18mm layer height, 3 shells, 70% infill,  No raft or brim, Auto Generated Supports.

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Uploaded 07/17/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Guitar Pick Pen Attachment.stl
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