vane supercharger ( small engine ) turboprint3d
3d printed vane pump, makes 2-3 lb of pressure.the shaft needs to be turned .instructions, shaft drawing, and material list in text files.for best results housing should be machined on the inside.
( this pump has yet to be put through a lifetime test and total lifespan is unknown)

( only contains files for pump , and dose not include files for motor mount)

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Uploaded 11/2/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

bearing_cap.stl 2 MB
CE3_Body15.stl 934 KB
drum.stl 1 MB
manafold_a.stl 1 MB
manafold_b.stl 2 MB
manafold_gasket.stl 57 KB
manafoldl_c.stl 2 MB
meterials.txt 279
normal_gasket_body.stl 123 KB
shaft_drawing.pdf 98 KB
thicker_gasket_body.stl 115 KB
vane.stl 26 KB
vane_pump_end.stl 837 KB
vane_pump_main_body_(nut_inserts).stl 2 MB
instructions.txt 1 KB
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Wow! It looks so amazed. I need one for my home duck life onl.
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