Partnership For Student Advocacy Vanessa Sanders

All people should have equal access to education because it’s a key to normal society. When we say “education,” we mean not just the opportunity to apply to college or university, but have all the necessary tools to study: textbooks, laboratories, and other facilities. Partnership For Student Advocacy is a community endeavor that was founded with the aim to provide every school community in New York City with necessary educational tools. was founded by Mary Conway-Spiegel who is a mother of three children, obtaining education in the public school system, so she understands the needs and problems of it like no one else.Quite often, the most useful and effective organizations were founded by concerned members of society, and is another good example of this pattern. Pfsany establishes communication with the administration and tries to solve the problems of school children relating to access to educational tools and facilities. The constructive dialogue between all sides is what will help us succeed. As a result, even those schools located in disadvantaged areas of NY can increase the quality of education they provide.

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