ENDER 3 v1 \ CR10 v1 upgrade packet Petr Golda

Complete upgrade\remake packet for ENDER 3 \ 3 Pro v1 to DIRECT print head with BMG extruder and E3D Volcano hotend. All parts makes together fully useable and long-time useable 3D printer for 24\7 printing withoutt any issues. This SET is only for PLA, PLA plus and ASA275 printing, other materials are not supported. I have on all my ENDER 3 printers permanent unplugged heatbeds too, I am printing only to cold glasses with sprez adhezion tool "3DLack" and all is perfect flat and nice smooth 1st layer and same as all objects. This packet can be used for CR10 too.

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Uploaded 12/23/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

(X) CARRIAGE - BACK (L) v1.0.stl 219 KB
(X) CARRIAGE - BACK (R) v1.0.stl 220 KB
(X) CARRIAGE - FRONT (L) v1.0.stl 383 KB
(X) CARRIAGE - FRONT (R) v1.0.stl 226 KB
(X) ENDSTOP CAP v1.0.stl 167 KB
(X) ENDSTOP v1.1.stl 55 KB
(X) V-SLOT PUSH v1.0.stl 74 KB
(Z) MOTOR - MOUNT (L) v1.0.stl 606 KB
(X) TENSION - BODY v1.0.stl 78 KB
(Y) TENSION - BODY v1.0.stl 107 KB
(Y) TENSION - NUT v1.0.stl 46 KB
(Y) TENSION - PULL v1.0.stl 41 KB
SD-CARD MOUNT v1.0.stl 74 KB
LCD ADAPTER v1.0.stl 98 KB
LCD COVER v1.0.stl 78 KB
LCD FRAME v1.1.stl 123 KB
LCD KNOB v1.0.stl 266 KB
BOARD FAN v1.0.stl 138 KB
FRAME HANDLE v1.0.stl 979 KB
PSU RE-LOCATE v1.0.stl 96 KB
PSU RE-LOCATE v1.1.stl 296 KB
V-SLOT LEG v1.0.stl 75 KB
V-SLOT LEG v1.1.stl 75 KB
DIRECT DRIVE - FRAME v1.0.stl 214 KB
DIRECT V6 CLAMP v1.0.stl 112 KB
FAN ADAPTER v1.0.stl 127 KB
(HE) 4020 FAN CAP v1.0.stl 220 KB
(HE) 4020 FAN DUCT v1.0.stl 45 KB
BED KNOB v1.3.stl 46 KB
SPOOL ADAPTER v1.0.stl 242 KB
SPOOL ADAPTER v1.1.stl 136 KB
SPOOL HOLDER v1.0.stl 758 KB
SPOOL HOLDER v1.1.stl 2 MB
(Y) N17 DAMPER (L) v2.0.stl 97 KB
(Y) N17 DAMPER (R) v2.0.stl 99 KB
(Z) AXIS BEARING v1.1.stl 151 KB
(Z) AXIS COUPLER v1.0.stl 255 KB
(Z) AXIS KNOB v1.3.stl 120 KB
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