The 3D printer is working and the whole table is shaking and it's just loud.
To stop the vibrations and shocks from transferring to the table I printed these feet. They are made of TPU and work wonderfully.
There are two different versions. Once small and once large. The large version is a little stronger made and higher.The small version is very low and a little lighter in design.
My printer weighs about 11Kg and both versions work well there. If your printer is significantly heavier I advise you to use the large version.
All artillery printers already have stands, these ones can just be pulled over. No screwing, no gluing and no tinkering.

Material: TPU Shore 95A
Infill: 100%
Support: Yes

Price Free
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Uploaded 04/7/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Feet noise damper Genius Pro Version large.stl
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Feet noise damper Genius Pro Version small.stl
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