VW GOLF MK3 Hella Dual Round Cover AdditiveLegacyParts

Hella Cover Replica for Golf / Jetta MK3 for original Hella Dual Round and TYC Headlights.
Logo replicated from the classic covers.

ABS or ASA print, I used black filament and painted with white, after drying two coats, I sanded the top layer until I was satisfied (use plenty of top layers so that you can sand it without ruining the part)

To fit in the car perfectly without risk of scratching the optics and being dropped on the road, I use a Self-Adhesive Sponge Seal Strip (3mm x 20mm)

You can also try printing with two colors, or in hard TPU. I haven't tried that yet, if you do please share results

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Uploaded 07/6/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Hella Dual Round Cover.STL 182 KB
Hella Dual Round TYC Cover.STL 183 KB
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