VW GOLF MK2 Hella Covers Victor Tproductions

VW GOLF MK2 Hella Covers for the center headlights.
Logo replicated from the classic covers.
Looking for the same product with another logo? contact me.

ABS or ASA print, I used black filament and painted with white, after drying two coats, I sanded the top layer until I was satisfied (use plenty of top layers so that you can sand it without ruining the part)

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Uploaded 07/22/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Hella MK2 Cover.STL 305 KB
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Hello,does the printer part insert on top of the headlight or is there some other way to fit it?
It was designed to fit on top of the headlight , with no headlights it doesn't fit
Hello! Looking for this for a while. I want to buy this but I don't know how to print this. Do I have to print it with supports? Or print it upside down? With the logo on the bed? And so if I do that does is need supports aswell? I print ABS.
Hello, I print them with the logo facing up , use supports and break them in the perpendicular direction of the roof layers, they should remove easily and do their job. You can consider using a draft shield and brim too, always helps with the warping and resulting on better overall results and less post processing.
I also use 10-20% of cooling only in the roof layer, you got the edit the gcode for that.
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