Air lift Command Support VW MK3 Ashtray Replacement Victor Tproductions

This model allows a user friendly mount for Air Lift Suspension buttons or other gadgets.
This Support Replaces the original VW Golf / Jetta MK3 ashtray.
It consists of a ashtray drawer, a rectangular support, and a Link holding the 3 parts together.

This project uses M3 heat Inserts and M3 Screws.
Button box Dimensions: 72 x 62mm 

If you need a Button Box with other dimensions let me know, I can change the design to suit your needs.

ABS Print with Supports, the two columns are pre inserted in the design and must be removed after the print, they are essential for a good print.

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Uploaded 09/9/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Link Air Lift Fixo Rev1.STL 36 KB
MK3 Cinzeiro Suporte Air Lift Fixo Rev1.STL 333 KB
Suporte Air Lift Fixo Rev1.STL 409 KB
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