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Dried fruits are fruits that have been dried, typically using a dehydrator or air drying. Dehydration removes most of the water content from the fruit, resulting in a denser, more concentrated product. Some fruits are naturally high in sugar and will become even more so after drying. Drying fruit is a great way to preserve it for later use, and it also makes for a delicious and healthy snack.
Dried fruits can be used in a variety of ways. They can be eaten as is, or used in recipes in place of fresh fruit. Dried fruit can also be reconstituted by soaking in water or juice. This will rehydrate the fruit and make it plump and juicy.
There are many different types of dried fruits available on the market, including: raisins, apricots, cherries, figs, dates, prunes, and more. When choosing dried fruits, look for those that are plump and have a deep color. Avoid those that are shriveled or have white powder on them, as this is a sign of poor-quality fruit.(https://ottofistik.com/collections/dried-fruits)

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