Delta Elite 3D Printable Quadcopter Flight Fixit

This is a quadcopter that I 3D designed and am in the process of having printed. Soon I will add the canopy that houses the battery and all the electronics, as I am still working on it. The quadcopter is 28.5" from Boom tip to Boom tip, and the main body is 1" thick and 7" wide, while the Booms are all .5" x 2". All of the Booms Lean inward at a ten Degree angle, this reduces prop wash (shaking while descending) and increases aerodynamics! 
I Also added another body that you can download, this is for all of the people that enjoy having the versatility of a frame that can convert from an X style directly into an DeadCat style frame! You Can download what you like the most! 
Just to let the people know who are not familiar with the DeadCat frame style, the front two booms are wider apart, while the back 2 booms remain at a 90 Degree angle. This makes better for filming because you do not get the booms in the picture! Most flight controllers also support this frame style as well! 
I just added Some Landing Gear for the copter that should be pretty strong, and will sit the copter 8" off the ground. This is perfect for carrying gimbals, or just for the person that doesn't want their quad sitting on the ground! 
There are two versions of landing gear that you can print, the larger landing gear is better for the people who are looking for an aerial photography platform, while the smaller landing gear is better for people who have sport style copters. 
The small landing gear sits the copter around 3.5 inches off of the ground. 
BTW I recommend that you print this out of ABS, but PLA will work. 
Please download, print, and fly! Thanks :) 
PS: If you have any questions you can contact me through my email-
If you print The copter you will have to assemble the pieces. 
The Booms will fit snugly into the main body, and all four 1/8" screw holes will line up to accommodate the screw. The holes are not threaded so you will need a bolt and nut. 
1) Find the Main Body, The top of the Main Body is the side that is flat, and has 16 1/8" holes on the face. These Holes are used for mounting the booms into place. Use 4/40 screws to fasten the top and bottom main body pieces together. If you print the top and bottom of the main body as separate pieces the amount of support material is decreased. 
2) The bottom of the main body is the portion that is hollow, and has a 1" or 1.5" thick x running through it depending on what body you have choose, x or X / DeadCat. 
3) Place the flat end of one of the booms down, giving the face of the boom a 10 degree lean inward toward the main body. Carefully insert the flat end of the boom down and slide the boom into place on the Main Body, all 4 screw holes should line up. 
(If you choose the DEAD CAT configuration then make sure that the back 2 booms are in their normal place, and the front two booms are in the 20 degree slots, these are the slots that are wider, and farther back on the body.) 
4) Repeat the process shown above for all 4 Booms, Successfully attaching the Booms to the Copter. 
5) Take four 1/8" (4/40 works great) by 1.5" or 2" machine screws and slide them through all 4 screw holes on the Main Body, making sure that the Booms are in place. Then flip the copter over, and secure the screws in position with a matching nut. Make sure that the screws are tightened until none of the booms Wiggle, but do not tighten it too hard, or the plastic will break. If the holes int eh booms do not line up completely you can use some sand paper to sand the outside of the booms, or the inside of the main body, work with it until you get a nice alignment. 
6) Now is time for connecting the Landing Gear! Each leg connects by slipping it through the bottom of all four booms, through the second opening out from the body, on the boom. Slide it into place, make sure that the legs are leaning outward, not inward. 
7) Take 8 1/8" Machine screws and slide two through the openings in the booms. The screw openings are located on the side of the boom, you will see it! Put a nut and bolt on it, making sure that the leg is in place, and lined up with the holes. Tighten so they are not wiggling, but do not crank down too hard or the plastic will break. 
8) After all 4 booms are secured with Nuts and Bolts, and the legs are connected securely, the frame is finished and ready for wiring! 
PS: I recommend using the DJI NAZA V2 Flight controller for this copter, it has nothing to do with the frame, but I do highly recommend this flight controller. I have used many others including the KK boards, Multi-wii Boards, and the Ardupilot 2.5 boards, but through experience I have found that the DJI boards are the most reliable.

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Dead_Cat_Body_With_Gopro_Mount_Final.stl 361 KB
Dead_Cat_X_Body_With_GoPro_Mount__Top_.stl 292 KB
Landing_Gear_Final.stl 78 KB
Lid_With_Gopro_Mount_Final.stl 93 KB
Main_Body_Final.stl 241 KB
Quad_Boom_With_LG_Holes_Final.stl 563 KB
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Refined_DeadCat_X_Body_Bottom__V3_.stl 152 KB
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