Wolfsburg Side Fender Emblem for VW Golf Jetta Passat AdditiveLegacyParts

Wolfsburg Side Fender Emblem used in MK3 VW Golf, Jetta, Passat B4 and other VAG models. 

It replaces the Canadian VW part referenced as: 1HM 853 688 A

It consists in 5 parts due to its spring lock system developed by us.The Emblem, 2 Locks, 1 Spring lock and a Back cover.

After removing supports, assemble the locks in the emblem by sliding them in the back and rotating. After the locks are in position the spring can be inserted with some compressing force. Verify with your hand if the locks are sliding and compressing the spring, give a little sanding in the contact zones of back cover and the emblem, clean them, and glue them with Super glue or similar.  At this point, after the adhesion,  you are ready to test the emblem in the car. 

A Preview and Test video is available on our social media, you are welcome to check it out.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

MK3 Square TurnSignal Cap back.STL 509 KB
MK3 Square TurnSignal Cap lock.STL 23 KB
MK3 Square TurnSignal Cap lockspring.STL 68 KB
MK3 Wolfsburg Square TurnSignal Cap.STL 60 KB
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