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Side logo used on the VW MK3 Protective stripes 1H3 853 536A, replaces the VW reference 1H0 853 714 and the variants.This bundle includes GT, VR6, GTI, GTD, MI customizations Including a hollow version of GTI and GTD that resembles the MK1 and MK2 lettering.Don't mind the finishing of my prototipes, I will update when I make the perfect ones :)

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Uploaded 11/22/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

SideLogo 1H0853714 GTD Holow.STL 422 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 GTD.STL 394 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 GTI Holow.STL 409 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 GTI.STL 388 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 MI.STL 402 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 VR6.STL 432 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714 VRT.STL 422 KB
SideLogo 1H0853714.STL 378 KB
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