Cone Clock bok

Frustum of Cone Clock. The third design of the Geometric Clock Series.
Comes in Debossed (d-part name.stl) and Embossed (e-part name.stl) numerals. Paint them to your preference.
Includes its very own gift box. Just print STLs in Vase mode.
Easy to print and assemble (see Cone Clock Assembly Guide.pdf file). Or watch the video guide. As with all the Geometric Clocks, part names and the assembly procedure is the same. Just substitute the part with the same name and follow the assembly video here

Requires 31mm shaft length HR 1688 or 12888 type high-torque clock movement with brass nut for minute shaft including all the mounting hardware- nut, flat washer and rubber washer.

Clock movement can be purchased here or here or here

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When you purchase the files, you are allowed to print the design for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. You DO NOT have permission to sell or share the digital files and designs in any way, form or manner.If you would like to sell physical prints, please subscribe for a monthly renewable commercial license on my patreon -
Even with a license to print, I still retain the copyright to the design, and the licensee is NOT allowed to sell or distribute the digital files and designs in any way, form or manner

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

clock wrench.stl 40 KB
gift box top-70mm.stl 131 KB
gift box bottom.stl 160 KB
Cone Clock Assembly Guide.pdf 1 MB
e-needle.stl 8 KB
e-base.stl 97 KB
e-minute.stl 1 MB
e-hour.stl 716 KB
d-needle.stl 9 KB
d-minute.stl 1 MB
d-hour.stl 729 KB
d-base.stl 98 KB
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