Aquarium driftwood decoration 3D printlines

  • Do you like to print an artistic driftwood for your aquarium
  • This model looks like a natural driftwood
  • The typical attcahed photos showing it after printing using PLA+ ( eSUN ) brown color

Important note : Please don't forget to set the bottom layers of the model to 0 ( No bottom layers ) in your slicer / see the last photo to make the water fill all the internal space to guarantee full submerging of the model and also you my add some fishing lead weights to make it more heavier

Printing infill : 5% to allow full water penetration

Dimensions for the model in the photo : X: 230 mm Y: 138 mm Z: 125 mmyou may re-scale it as per your aquarium size

Files format : STL

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Uploaded 04/10/2023

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Model_1.stl 17 MB
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