Mini Hydro Garden Recycled 5L Gerome356

You need a 5 liter water bottle,
Plug in an aquarium air pump 2 Watt is good, or a water pump with "raccord" file
Put in clay balls, fertilised liquid (in all garden shop)  
It's automatique, no need suveillance.exept for the liquid 2.5l, you must change it every week.. 
Use dark bands around the bottle (for the light), and abs to print the 4 things : pla is eated by water in the time. 
You can put an economic lamp for winter and programator (no need to drain all the time...)
Photos explain fabrication, no problemes for explications.

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Uploaded 08/24/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Orifice verseur.STL 46 KB
Raccord Water P x medium Pipe.STL 35 KB
COREv6.1sans trou.STL 1 MB
Gouttiere 5L V2.STL 2 MB
Grille 5L.STL 350 KB
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