Modular Drawer FAST printing in VASE MODE Maury3D

Modular Drawer FAST printing in VASE MODE
Ready-to-print STL models to create customized drawers to hold various small parts. They are modular and printable in VASE MODE.ATTENTION the files are solid STL, when you set "Print in vase mode" in your slicer (I use Prusa Slicer 2.6), the solids will be emptied.
ATTENTION the "CorpoCassettoPiccolo-E+" file is the body for the "CassettoPiccoloE+Smooth" drawerThey are slightly taller.
All the frames can be connected in different ways, they fit together easily and can be assembled as you wish, finishes are also available for the upper and left-right sides, they can be removed as you wish, changing the colors as you wish. This project is very compact and there are no spaces that are too high between one drawer and another. The couplers can be used for flat positioning or on an edge fixed with screws. But if you create a composition as illustrated in the photo, the frames are so well fit that they need 5 or 6 couplers, so it depends on how you create a composition. In that configuration you can lift it from above without it being destroyed.
This project was created by me and any form of copying or derivation is prohibited, strictly personal use only.

3D printing setup
Download and place the files in the right position in your slicer so that when you activate "Vase Mode" they form the right print of the external FORM and the DRAWER.The 30mm Coupler could be shortened on the Z axis by 0.61mm with your own slicer (I use Prusa Slicer 2.6)  print with 0.4 layer 0.2 flow 1 nozzle including side and top trim and couplers.
The tolerance ranges from 0.2 per side to 0.3 per side, for drawers and containers,
The printing of the drawers and container bodies is carried out with Ender 3 SKRMini v.2PLAHD Winkle - EryOne PLA - Overture PLA nozzle 0.8 layer 0.3 and flow 1 bottom_solid_layers 3 speed ​​40-50mms ATTENTION adjust it until the corners are all well defined without strange bevelsAlso to do attention to Jerk. If you notice corners that are too thin and receding, lower the overall speed or work on the Jerk.
The printing of the finishes and couplers is carried out with Ender3 S1 PRO with 0.4 layer 0.2 flow 1 nozzle speed 90mm/s
With PrusaSlicer 2.6 to better print the H+ and H- dividers, setting "Perimeter generator" to "Classic" will be activatedcheck the box above "Detect thin walls" to make it active.Note that this box will be disabled even if checked if you choose the "Arachne" mode and therefore will not work.Alternatively, to obtain the spaces of the H+ and H- dividers, it is possible to cut out the "Dividers" 6 and 10
A little filing with a metal file may be necessary, but only if there is a slight "Elephant's Foot"

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Coupler for metal shelves.stl 15 KB
Coupler30mm.stl 1 KB
CouplerBottom.stl 1 KB
DrawerGeatHigh-Smooth.stl 63 KB
DrawerGeatLargeSmooth.stl 34 KB
DrawerSmallE+Smooth.stl 59 KB
DrawerSmallSmooth.stl 86 KB
BodyDrawer-GrandeDoppio.stl 7 KB
BodyDrawer-GrandeSingolo.stl 4 KB
BodyDrawer-PiccoliGrande.stl 7 KB
BodyDrawer-PiccoloDoppioLargo.stl 7 KB
BodyDrawer-Piccolo-E+.stl 8 KB
BodyDrawer-PiccoloSingolo.stl 4 KB
DrawerGreatHighSmoothDIVISORIO.stl 684
DrawerGreatLargeSmooth-DIVISORIO-6.stl 4 KB
DrawerGreatLargeSmooth-DIVISORIO-10.stl 7 KB
DrawerGreatLargeSmooth-DIVISORIO-H-.stl 2 KB
DrawerGreatLargeSmooth-DIVISORIO-H+.stl 2 KB
DrawerSmallDIVISORIO2.stl 684
ExternalSideFinishing.stl 684
ExternalUpperFinish.stl 684
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