Mini Crossbow sthone

This is my take on the popular Popsicle stick mini crossbow seen on the web. I upgraded it to use an actual trigger though. The crossbow was printed upside down (handle pointing up) with minimal supports. The trigger is held in place with a 2/56" x 1/2" screw and it uses metal hair clips for the bow and Q-tips for the crossbow bolts (arrows). The center portion of the hair clip is removed by just bending it back and forth a few times to snap it off and then the clips are just slid into the cut outs. (you can glue them in if needed.) When attaching the string pre-load the bows a bit before tying the final knot. (but don't over do it) Enjoy and play safe.

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Uploaded 09/20/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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