FOLDABLE One Handed Bottle Opener COMPACT (designed in Switzerland) PXP11

If you want a compact impressive bottle openenr or have a girlfriend who does not want to ruin their new nails, then you will have to print this thing!!! 
Some time ago I saw this Smart One Handed Bottle Opener by Kart5a (, but I hate to have something edgy, relatively big and bulky in my pocket (nothing against the other design!). So I thought there can be done something. This is the result! A compact bottle opener which fits nicely into your pocket. 
This is still in development and I hope you can give me suggestions to make it better.
Instructions:Printed in PLA at 0.2mm layer hight at 210°C (depends on your PLA but print at a hight temperature so that the layers melt together well). I only used support between the joints, 15% infill and 3 outlines. Lay the two principal parts flat on your printbed (I can't change this at the moment because the solidworks version just changed). Depending on how accurate your printer is, you will have to file the joints a bit (drawn +0.1mm between) and drill the hole (Ø5mm) to make it clean. Put the hollow pin (drawn -0.1mm ) in the hole and hammer the smaller one in with care, so it fits nicely. The money slot is actually created for a Swiss five cent piece and has a 1.2mm gap. I used a small flat head screwdriver to carefully spread it open and pinch it in. If you are not from Switzerland :-) you just need a piece of money with similar thickness and put it in there.

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Uploaded 09/29/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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