Go ahead and hang some stuff! Reamoprint

Hang pictures, art, lights, or whatever, using this simple printed hanger. Nothing looks tackier than nails sticking out of the wall. Ha!

Every time you install one, the nail is always at the best possible angle for strength. Print hangers in any color you want. Match wall color or match the color of the item being hung. Uses Standard 4d X 1-1/2” long finish nails.

Advantages are, no ugly nails, if hanger color matches wall color they are almost invisible, since hanger and nail become one they hold a lot of weight, easy to install/use, fast print time. Enjoy, Reamo

Btw, I have several useful items ready for your download. Check out my profile page and check it out! Reamo

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Uploaded 09/30/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Picture Hanger 003.STL
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