Liquid Bottle Rocket Kit Shaun Coombes

This is the tail portion of a bottle rocket which fits most standard size plastic soda bottles. It consists of 3 tail fins, 1 connection ring in 2 parts, 1 single lower connection ring and 1 central bottle plug. The parts should be pressure fitted for easy removal and lower risk of damage on landing.

Fuel used should be vinegar and baking soda. Depending on size of bottle used results may vary. A ratio to start with should be 1:1 ratio of Baking Soda to Vinegar. Adjust the ratios for improved performance.

Directions: Pour vinegar ratio into bottle, then pour baking soda ratio onto plastic wrap and gently fit onto top of plug so that plastic wrap when wrapped can be fitted through the bottle opening. While plugged with plastic plug the rocket is set standing, the plastic wrap will slowly unwrap and cause the vinegar and baking soda to mix. Be careful, wear eye protection while experimenting.

Disclaimer: Please do this at your own risk as I accept no responsibility for any damage or injury to property or parties involved.

Minimal support material is required.

Assembled dimensions: 60mm x 58mm x 56mm.

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