Walkera G-2d Gimbal to Gopro mount Droneme

This allows you to connect a Walkera G-2D gimbal to the many available Gopro mounts. The gimbal can be powered by many different battery types and voltages so I have left that up to the end user.  I printed an earlier version but it was to wobbly, so I added side supports and eliminated the flat bridged areas so it will print better. I have not printed this version yet so the photo is of the original one and I included a rendering of this one. This adapter is designed to be mounted above the Gopro mount.  The smoothing groups in the 3d render here are bad,  for a better 3d render view go to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:528200

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Uploaded 11/4/2014
Walkera G2-D to GOPRO Attachment Mount.STL
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