Singer Legacy SE300 Portable Sewing And Embroidery Machine Review 

To search for the kind of sewing machine that can meet all your working challenges is a challenge in itself and it requires lots of time and knowledge. Here we are with the best basic sewing machine and that is Singer Legacy SE300 sewing machine. Let’s go through the complete features of this sewing machine and analyze whether it’s good enough for you or not? 

Built-in Stitches:

Singer Legacy SE300 sewing machine has 250 built-in stitches that include basic, decorative, stretch, buttonhole stitches and many more. This sewing machine has the potential to sew any project from basic of home décor with utmost and perfection and professionalism. You will get familiar with the sewing machine in a quick time as it is quite easy to use for anyone. 

Automatic Needle Threading System:

This sewing machine has an automatic needle threading system to save your time for the big time but if you are still confused about how you are supposed to start this whole process? There is a whole figure printed on the sewing machine leading to a threading path. This sewing machine can thread the eye of needle flawlessly without straining eye or creating complications.

Sewing and Embroidery Speed:

This is the best basic sewing machine you can have on your desk with an efficient and power-packed performance. This sewing speed of Singer Legacy SE300 is impressive and it can provide 800 stitches per minute that allow you to complete multiple projects in a day. The embroidery speed of this sewing machine is around 700 stitches per minute, its speed is so fast. 

Adjustable Thread Tension:

Singer Legacy SE300 sewing machine has an adjustable thread tension feature according to the project. You can always adjust it whenever switching to some different garment or project that requires different thread and needle. To make sure that you are getting smooth thread flow, adjust thread tension in the best possible way. 

LCD Touch Screen:

From the sewing stitch selection to embroidery designs, the LCD screen of this sewing machine allows you to adjust anything freely. By one touch, you can select any stitch design you want as well as you can also edit the embroidery design. You can adjust settings of a whole sewing machine with one touch and it will be easy for you to keep an eye on sewing machine performance. 

Other Features:

Other features of this sewing machine include start/stop button, LED bright light, bobbin winding while embroidering, upper thread sensor, universal power supply, heavy-duty metal frame, 6 alphabets for monogramming, full range of accessories and much more. With the help of instructional manual and DVD, you can learn to install bobbin and presser feet training as well. 


This best heavy duty sewing machine has the potential to handle any kind of garment with perfection and professionalism. Once you start working on this sewing machine, you will start enjoying every project coming in your way because the sewing machine understands how to handle every project individually. It will help you in creating the best masterpiece.

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